Thursday, March 09, 2006

What Faith can do to you?

Sometimes Faith is good for short term benefits and "start ups"
Suppose you are a human resource manager of a company. Its your responsibility to interview people and chose the person who is the most suitable for a vacant position. You may interview him. Practically, few hours of interview won’t tell everything. In that interview both parties build up a relationship based on faith on each other, which will lead to an eventual recruitment. ( You can’t disagree with that, that may happen without your intension ). So, faith is good for relationships in our society.

Have you heard about miracles performed by people in curing people?
In psychology, getting rid of phobias and other mental abnormalities. This is what faith can do. Here , you believe in a person that he is your savior and he will cure your “haunted feelings”. It really happens because you are hypnotized when doing rituals to him and you yourself internally orders yourself that you are not haunted anymore, or you are not afraid of cockroaches. So, your faith lead you to cure your illness. Simply, if you have a problem you can confess that to a person where you have faith on him. So, for that short term benefit, faith is good. Again you have to keep in mind, that you are not using his supernatural powers, but the power you have internally ( This is the power which you can command yourself ).

But… Think about the situation when we lost the faith for that person because of a fault in your exemplary supernatural character!

Therefore we can conclude, faith (into some extent) is good for social relationships. Lets talk about extreme faith and the harm in next thread. Any problems with this? This is an open discussion. Not intended to criticize any religion. But you can compare religions. Eg:- What Christianity has and what is lacking of. Good or bad compared to a philosophy like Buddhism.

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