Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Religion Faith and You

Before going into logical or philosophical ways , I think its better to have an understanding of the way religion affects a person. As we all know our feelings and thinking are highly influenced by a religion ( for most people ). When a child is born, obviously he himself can’t determine the race, language or religion. The child gradually observes his/her environment as he grows. For that the input for him coming from the society he knows at that moment, which is his family. He learns the language their habits which are influenced by the religion ( Eg:- If you are a catholic, you usually pray before your meal ). Well, then if your parents are catholic , now you become a catholic too.

So religion is something you grabbed from the society, which was not with you by birth.

So, keeping that in mind just consider following cases ( I am NOT pointing at any religion )

What if you are used to kill animals as a tribute a person who think he has super natural powers?
Obviously that is socially unacceptable. But you do because of your faith to the god.
( Will discuss more on this later )

What If you believe that if there is a mystery you can simply say “Its some other person’s wish” and just forget it.
It’s the time for you to break the thinking barrier. That’s how people make innovations. For an example Isaac Newton could have put his “Apple Experience” ( which we all know ) into nature’s account we could have lost the great gravitational theory.
( Will discuss more on this later )

So, do u “believe in” a religion which is forced on to you by the society. Or Follow a philosophy which grants all the powers to your self. You decide. I’ll continue this post later. This is not a religion, but a philosophy where you can understand the “World” within you.

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