Monday, August 20, 2007

Insulting Buddhism and Buddha

I just had a feeling that this is the time to write a blog post on this topic. Insulting buddhism is not a trend in the modern world. It had happened in the days when lord Buddha was alive. One day a prostitute piled up some wood and wore it to pretend she was pregnant and complained that she got pregnant because of lord Buddha. The greatest enemy ( at that time ) of Buddha was his cousin. He once made Buddha bleeding and sent untamed elephant Nalagiri to kill him. A gang killed a woman and hid her body where Buddha stayed claiming that lord Buddha is responsible for the murder. Complaining lord Buddha is complaining his teaching, Buddhism.

In this information age, the attack against Buddhism has become more complex. See the image below. As I can see it is not edited using Photoshop. But I'm not sure how Nestle people will take the resposibility for this image.

Can anyone of you think the relationship between Beef and Buddha/Buddhism?. No. This is merely to insult buddhism. This just says nothing. I must say thats a cruel thinking of a religious extremist.

Why people tend to use these types of low quality materials to insult buddhism?

  1. They don't have grounds to argue and prove buddhism is falsy religionwise.

  2. They are fear of the future of their religions

Einstein did also follow some theories in Buddhism. Sit Arthur C. Clarke once predicted, in the future when people tend to think more logically all single and multiple god centered religions will be less popular and conceptual religions like Buddhism will take their place.

I know this will be arguable. I will add more ways of insulting Buddhism in future posts. You would be amazed to see the "conspiracies by extremists"

Can anyone of you think what does Victoria Secret mean by adding a buddha image in bikini. For christian people, do you think its ok to put Jesus' image instead, replacing the Buddha image?