Saturday, December 30, 2006

Killing Animals and HALAL - myth

This blog post contains errorneous description, which will lead people to think of Halal ritual in a wrong way. To be honest I apologize for the mistake. For the readers, I recon to go through this wrong (myth) article and read the comments to have a better understanding. But, I must say one thing. Muslim community should publish more and more info on these so called controversial topics to minimize these types of mis - interpretations
Thank You


In Buddhism, killing a living being is always considered to be a sin as we have no right to take some other living creature's life. But as I can see in other religions there are variations for this.

Muslims do believe in animal welfare "Whoever is kind to the creatures of God is kind to himself" (Wisdom of Prophet Mohammad; Muhammad Amin; The Lion Press, Lahore, Pakistan; 1945)

They have regulations in meat. But... He hath forbidden you only carrion and blood and swine flesh and that which hath been immolated to any other than Allah.. (Quran Chapter II , Verse 173) The prophet has forbidden flesh only if it is not a sacrifice for himself. Does that mean he always expect sacrifices from men?.NO. Obviously he can't be that much cruel to accept meat from billions of people per day!.

That sacrifice ritual is called HALAL ( correct me if i am wrong ). As I know the original ritual of killing an animal is, the killer should be on a plate which is heated to become red and kill the animal. That ritual make sense, as no one would do such a commitment to kill another. So, he meant not to kill ( in an implicit way ). But the time has changed, you wouldn't believe how the ritual carried out now. They use a red colored plate as the seat when killing animals. You really can't symbolize a ritual in that way. But they perform other ritual there. That is never show the weapon to the animal before being killed :).

The religion should sometimes be adapted to the current society , but not in a selfish manner like this. I don't think this post would hurt Muslims ( as I didn't criticize holy prophet ) . This is what I see as truth. Always open for debate.

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