Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Person with Supernatural Powers

Can there be a person who can do everything?. Even Lord Buddha himself couldn't change milestones in his life. He was suffering from illnesses, had to pass away as a normal person. I think, no man or other person can forcibly change other persons life. I will use simple mathematical logic to prove that . ( This is not Buddhism, one may find it arguable ). This is proving by contradiction.

Suppose there is a person who can do everything a person can imagine ( person A )

He can materialize a person (person AA ) who is identical to him in every aspect.

Therefore person AA also can do every activity/thing.

Then the person A commands person AA to sit down ( assuming he is not seated ). But person AA also can do anything ( because he has all the powers ) , so he doesn’t sit down.

From this we can see person A couldn’t command person AA because he is identical to person A.

That implies , there can’t be 2 people in the universe who can do anything.

Again think of the materializing. That implies person A can’t materialize a person identical to him. So, no one in the world has got supernatural powers.

(Published in All About Buddhism blog)