Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Karma (Kamma) and its effectiveness according to Buddhism

Buddhism and Karma ( Kamma )

Buddha once preached the differences between the people in the society. For example, when you look at the people in our society some are very rich and some are poor. Some are ugly looking and some are gorgeous. Like in the current time people were always thinking why there is such a difference. According to Buddhism, it is not god’s wish, but you are responsible for your current social/economical/physical status. Lord Buddha once preached that Karma ( Kamma ) plays a major role in this issue in Chula Kamma Wibhanga Sutta ( Sutra ).

Buddhist explanation on lifespan differences & healthy living

There are people in this world who are very cruel and haven’t got pity on other living beings. They hurt others and kill others. People with that nature will be in the “hell” with all suffering after the death. But if they born in this world, which has a very low probability ( this is due to good Assanna Karma ) will have a very short life span.
People who are afraid of killing/hurting others and practice that in the entire life span, will be born in “heaven” with all the luxuries and if they born as humans, they will have a higher lifespan without diseases.

Buddhist explanation on physical appearance of a person

Some people in the society are full of hatred and gets angry even for a very small issue. Those people are very tough and not flexible, they don’t respect others ideas. The unhappy lifestyle always adds bad Karma to themselves which leads to a “bad birth” in the afterlife. If they are born as humans, they won’t look pleasant. This is true for the current life also, you needn’t wait till next life to see how the bad emotions change your appearance.
Reason for some people seems to be neglected and lonely in the society according to Buddhism.

Reason for some people seems to be neglected and lonely in the society according to Buddhism.

Some people in this world are jealous of others wealth, happiness. And also unhappy because others are being prominent, being famous in the society. The thinking pattern like this leads to accumulate bad Karma. After death they born in “hell”. If they accidently born as humans, they will be isolated from the society.

These are the main points explained in the Sutta. But, Kamma (Karma) is only one phenomena (out of five) affects personal behavior. You can override or cancel these ill effects, and you will also have effects apart from Karma. The other facts which affects your behavior ( Weather related problems, reproductively related, thinking related, other natural causes related ) will be explained later. In Buddhism, everything is not effects of Karma.

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