Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Person with Supernatural Powers

Can there be a person who can do everything?. Even Lord Buddha himself couldn't change milestones in his life. He was suffering from illnesses, had to pass away as a normal person. I think, no man or other person can forcibly change other persons life. I will use simple mathematical logic to prove that . ( This is not Buddhism, one may find it arguable ). This is proving by contradiction.

Suppose there is a person who can do everything a person can imagine ( person A )

He can materialize a person (person AA ) who is identical to him in every aspect.

Therefore person AA also can do every activity/thing.

Then the person A commands person AA to sit down ( assuming he is not seated ). But person AA also can do anything ( because he has all the powers ) , so he doesn’t sit down.

From this we can see person A couldn’t command person AA because he is identical to person A.

That implies , there can’t be 2 people in the universe who can do anything.

Again think of the materializing. That implies person A can’t materialize a person identical to him. So, no one in the world has got supernatural powers.

(Published in All About Buddhism blog)


dinu said...

'Can there be a person who can do everything?' In the western-lanuage it's called multi-tasking and physiologically i understand women are genetically better at it than men. This is why, in my honest opinion, i feel that Lord Buddha, were he to be so, will be reincarnated as a woman. Good site.

Thoufeeq said...

Hi. I have read a lot of posts about Buddhism where he describes that he could use the super natural ways but not to impress people and to drive them to his religion, but he learned those super natural powers on the way to enlightenment. But those powers were not his ultimate goal, but it was the Final liberation he wanted to achieve ultimately.
In other books, I have read about the 6 supernatural powers of Budhhism. Pls have a look at this URL and let me know what you think.

By the way, am Thoufeeq, proud to be a Muslim (Age19), an Engineering student (Electronics and Communication ) . And I started spending my days learning more about Islam and other religions and concepts. I really want to know. And I hope you would reply soon.

Bye Bro!

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